Small businesses hurt in cross fire press release

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August 2012

Bathurst small business is collateral damage in battle between duopoly

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August 2012

Bathurst fight against Masters intrusion into out of town location and negative effect on CBD already severely weakened by 10 years of drought/GFC/and internet sales.

August 2012

MGA release research and call on Federal Government and ACCC to rein in effects of duopoly in supermarket/grocery sector and wider community

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June 2012

ACCC raises bully-ing in the supply chain by the duopoly. We've heard this from overseas before, now the issue raises its head in Australia.

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June 2012

Master Grocers Association takes on duopoly at ACCC

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Food Inc: edited by Karl Weber, published by Public Affairs "How industrial food is making us sicker, fatter and poorer - and what you can do about it. Food, Inc DVD a film by Robert Kenner by Magnolia Pictures.

The movie Food Inc is shaking up our perceptions of what we eat. This powerful documentary deconstructs the corporate food industry in America has a unique companion book with 13 essays.

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September 2009

Small-Mart revolution

Michael Shuman

"They claim that the huge scale and international reach of these organisations mke them more efficient, better able to deliver value and an uncontested boon for the job market.

"According to the big boys, locally owned small businesses are simply quaint remnants of the past, unable to compete in the global economy."

But Michael Shuman shows that the benefits these mega-stores and huge corporations supposedly deliver to communities are illisory.

"Crunch the numbers and you'll find that locally owned businesses are more reliable generators of good jobs, economic growth, tax dollars, commuity wealth, charitable contribution, social stability and physical participation."

Read all about it at -

The Small-Mart revolution
How local businesses are beating the global competition

by Michael Shuman
Published by Bennett Koehler   Small-Mart revolution - YouTube  27:38min

10 September 2009

The ABC's 7.30 Report

Graeme Samuel, Chairman, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Michael Luscombe, CEO, Woolworths
Scott Driscoll, Executive Director, Retailers Association
Nick Stace, CEO, CHOICE and
Assoc Prof Frank Zumbo, Competition and Business Law, University of New England

Transcript available at:

2 September 2009

Why Woolworths may rue the day it took on Bunnings

Copyrighted The Age article written by Michael Baker reviews the potential for downside in and implications of "over growth"

The Age LINK


Whats Wrong with Supermarkets
a booklet by Lucy Michaels and the Agriculture Project at Corporatre Watch. An extensive issues review of the UK chain grocery industry

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Challenges of the Future -
The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America

US retailer Jim Baum provides a view of the radical state of change in the industry. A publication supported by the NRF Foundation and IRMA
Jack Stanyon - NRF Foundation and Illinois Retail Merchants Association

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